cut the bas!@#ds!

the state of our economy is so bad that we do not know where it is headed. who or what is to be blamed? i see tweets and status updates that say the government is the reason why the economy is going down. well, thats bullshit for starters. they may be facilitating a faster decline but not entirely the reason as such. in a democracy, we having selected who rules are the ones to be blamed at. a result of tolerating with sub standard things right from food to behaviour.

people are trying to set things right without understanding what the problem is. tweets from learned and very learned people asking the nation to stop eating in KFC and stop using foreign products. seriously? that’s the best solution the so called “management gurus” can come up with? what we need is a change in attitude of the people. instead of asking people to stop eating in KFC, make local products better. quality is what needs to be ingrained in blood. the mindset of the people right now is how to make money by giving the lowest quality stuff. this happens right from the bunk that you put petrol in to our education system. one of the things that we learn in computer science is shortest path.. we are obviously using it for all the wrong reasons.

we have chosen who rules and who will make the country better, we have the power to over throw power as well. yet, we remain quiet, crib about it for a while and go back to what we do best.. go back to our monotonous lives and forget what needs to be done. politics is now a business, a quick trip to make good money. corruption is taught right from school unknowingly and thats what the kids learn seeing. even the simplest of crossing the roads, the parents themselves cross wherever they want and you want the children to use the zebra crossing? do we have zebra crossing on roads, oh yea, where are the roads in the first place? all we see is pot holes and garbage.

rape is all we see in papers today, why? because people get away with it. cut the bastards i say.. we are distracted by fear and false realisations. we are governed by people who hardly have a backbone for the country’s well being. we see the same people over and over again in terms and everything seems stagnant. where are the days when people used to think, have a vision.. days when things were done not for their personal zeal but to make something better? there is no competition because we are used to the stagnant life and can live with it. clean up starts from yourself and its about time we make it a better place..