the internet has you!

before you wonder whats wrong with this guy and why is this an off the record post / unusual post, here is why.. this is a post for a contest “Internet is fun” by Vodafone, if this post brings a smile, then like me / tweet me / star me / plus me / pin me or if you have any other way to publicize then you can do that.. its just a couple of clicks or touch away.. else you can get me a macbook.. either way its fine :-p
internet is fun? really? fun is such a relative word when you think of it.. esp. when u say internet is fun on mobile.. that’s relative too. every equipment now available is mobile, from phones to tablets to even a laptop.. i am just going to stick with what i use. oh crap, i use everything.. so let me just stick to my phone and tablet.. is it wrong to say iPhone and iPad here? since 30% of them hate the guts when its an apple product, 20% have it as a status symbol and to show off, 40% use less than 5% of the features and then the final 10% who make use of the product.. 

i hope to fall in the 10% or may have already fallen.. if there was a day when i have to live without a phone or internet, i think i would go bonkers.. you seriously believed what i just said now? caught ya! ok, seriously, my answer would be no.. life still goes on and having this internet on mobile is just making things at ease.. what took days or months to do, now just takes seconds.. “the power of the web in the palm of my hand”

btw, how much do i need to write to get this post flying and whats the real essence of this contest? my guess would be for vodafone to capture end user ideas, capitalize on them, bundle them into something attractive and then sell it back to us.. well, it works, doesn’t it? we are making it happen!! :-p and what are we given for the ideas (which obviously can’t be patented)? things that i have mostly but yea, i don’t mind having one more 😉

a day in a life of a phoneaholic start with twitter to keep me updated on the stuff that’s been happening when i was asleep.. looks like i am the only one sleeping, all my friends are still buzzing on whatsapp group messages! move over twitter, its time to see the path and make some weird ass comments to some wacky thoughts.. multi-tasking at its best.. messages on whatsapp need your attention, who ever said, only girls gossip? some of the chat history would put the girls to shame! :-p “somebody is gonna get hurt real badddd”

blunders are huge and it goes online in a jiffy and the rest of the world is still active trying to re-tweet, like it and do all sorts of things to to make a nonsensical post way popular than it needs to be.. we do this too.. hype the unnecessary and leave the things that is needed the most.. we live in a age where poonam pandey’s undergarments if auctioned will get the highest number of hits than place that is hit by a natural calamity.. as i said earlier, fun is a relative word.. not that natural calamity is something fun, but you will still get some people to like it if someone has posted it as a status message on facebook, that’s the internet population like..
watching porn in an assembly (parliament), how was that possible, obviously the mobile + the internet = fun.. but with this internet thing, people just bring out their thoughts, their opinions and some of them who didn’t know they had a talent for writing just get amazed with their own work.. its a saga and like the old saying goes, the internet is like the clay, you can use it for good or not so good.. 

if only the opinions were channelized and made into something to make this a better place, to  make a change.. (vodafone this is a idea) :-p 

f!@# this contest, i don’t wanna win here, just trying to tell these people, we can make the change and all we have the power in our hands, right here, right now! think about it.. peace out!