Eulogy for a real hero!

A genius looked up to by many and feared by a lot more… The innovator and thinker the world didn’t deserve.. An amazing human being from what I have read. The person who actually proved that things could be done differently… A mentor for a lot of people including me and a great speaker whose words linger in my head when I am in doubt. He said  “you’ve got to find what you love!”and boy!!!! he believed in what he said which is how his life became an example for people like us who share his passion…

A man who came into this world to truly make it better and interesting. This visionary who realized his dreams in such a short span of life was crazy enough to think that he could change the world…. and rightfully ,” HE DID”. A man who not only battled work and competitors, fought for his life against cancer, and that was a good fight too!! Owe it to his willpower completely and his commitment to take on every challenge.

3 apples changed the world, the 1st seduced eve, the 2nd fell on newton and the 3rd was bitten by Steve and offered to the world.. (twitter)

You leaving this place and the news of your demise has made me realize that I am still human and I can be affected.. All of us dream of following our passion and he has set something so high that he has pushed us to excel knowingly or unknowingly.. He lived as himself, without wanting anyone to follow and yet he has become a true leader without a title.. 

He came, he saw and he conquered!!! Steve, my iMan, you may be dead physically but you have left behind so many things to make yourself remembered… Including this particular post which is written on your own invention.. Reinventing design which i think was pretty much re-looking at devices which obvious weren’t just pieces of hardware, but come to think of it, it is much more closer to us and hence the attachment and emotion for a person who we don’t have a direct relationship with.. 

In life you excited us everyday and in death you continue to inspire.. an example of a man who made us know, life could be lived like this as well… You are truly an inspiration in my hall of fame and will be remembered forever!

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