the ugly truth…

ok, how do i do this? well, this wouldn’t be my post entirely as it would have lines from something that i asked one of my dear friend to share.. 

the theme is profiling a character, a character among all of us… hmmmm…. let’s give a name for this artiste, how does droid sound? duh! nah! thinking, thinking, thinking.. rowan! i have no clue how that name came up, anyways.. it sounds good.. so i’m going to stick to that.. 

rowan, a very slow growing bloke, at least from his exterior looks, pleasant expression, a charmer in vivid ways and mostly in an even-tempered nature.. rowan always seems to be in a good mood which he happily cascades it to people around.. he is known for his self control and rarely seen to bug people with problems… he respects others according to what they deserve rightfully and treats them with dignity. totally independent character who knows when to stand his ground and when to open his mouth.. he mostly goes with the stream of life that takes him off beat sometimes.. 

a thinker by nature who likes to calculate every single step and who gets upset when things get out of hand.. a person who would take all the blame when things start going out of hand and would do anything to make things easier for people around.. even if it means destruction of his character and make him look like a villain… 

rowan is not one of the easy ones to deal with, he has equally negative traits as much as his positive ones which makes it hard for others to feel very relaxed around him… for some, he  looks like a very complex character and from a different world altogether.. as much attentive that he is, the span for the same is very less.. imagine talking to a person who would bring up every slip of the tongue, notice every frailty and point out all the goof ups.. 

he overlooks peoples imperfectness but doesn’t forget them… with a smile he would accept the mistakes they make and sometimes even agreeing to them.. forgetting is something that doesn’t come easily to him, a curse that is there from his birth.. a conversation with rowan seems like a constant test as he is persistently seeking explanation…. 

rowan would give it all for people who he likes and seen as a character with very less expectations… while truth is ugly, what is uglier is when he is stabbed in the back, the word forgiveness just disappears from his dictionary… from being kind, wise and patient, he can turn dangerous, angry and harmful in a jiffy.. there is no in-between for rowan, its either black or white, or, keenly angry or fully kind.. 

a demanding perfectionist with high altitude goals who lives among imperfections which is far away from being an ideal situation ever… very few times would you actually see rowan turn down a person and a reason for which he get manipulated… a better way to put it would be, he lets others manipulate him… adapting to every possible life condition, he has a way with things.. as much as he lets others manipulate him, he can make you like him for no reason and make you feel cursed.. ability to guess the most secret thoughts and can very easily imbalance the so thought of balanced solution.. 

pieces of jigsaw put together to form a bigger puzzle.. “riddle me this, riddle me that, would you like to be this big bad bat?”……. :-p

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