beauty and what it means…

Everything is relative in its own terms and differs with perspective from person to person, based on age, up bringing, society, attitude and a whole lot of things that influences your mind in making a perception. So is beauty… some call it a judgement of the eye i.e. what your eyes see, you believe and for some it just exists as merely as a tingle in the mind on which a reaction starts and contemplation begins..

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, that’s something I have heard, yes it does lie, literally.. ok! jokes apart, is it really our eyes or is it the mind that plays as usual, making the eyes see what it wants to see? mind takes precedence only when there is a considerable amount of time to assess, evaluate and realize.. not the case with the eyes and hence the lies.. 

beauty, an underestimated word is undefeated when it is seen from the inside… sometimes even anger has its graceful beauty… as the darkness surrounds us every night, a candle destroying itself for a greater purpose of spreading light, the pain it goes through… memories that make us look back at times and smile when you think about it… people drowning in their so called life and holding on to their hopes to see miracles… new born baby’s cry that brings tears in the eyes of the parents… the uncertainty of life… now, these are beautiful… everything is, it just depends on who is seeing it, from where and how they perceive it to be… 

Picture this, sitting beside a lake on a sunset evening, an old man looks at his lovers face who with all the wrinkles (which by the way mostly due to the cosmetic effect) is sitting opposite him.To him, she is beautiful…. to her, he and the sunset are breathtakingly beautiful and to me the entire scene is beautiful.Every creation for the creator is beautiful like and as they say, there is only one beautiful child in this world and every woman has it.. you could be ugly as hell (not that i have seen hell, if earth is hell, thats beautiful too) but there would be atleast one person in this world to tell you “you are beautiful“.. 

2 Responses to beauty and what it means…

  1. Prez of Es says:

    Interesting theme. I like the conclusion 🙂 True

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    Thanq Prarth 🙂 hope all is well with ya….

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