what doesn’t… thick skinned will…

what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.. well, that’s the old saying.. now i think the “stronger” is replaced by the word “bitter”.. seriously, i am not joking.. its like it appears in parts, going on and off and you wonder when it would actually kill you.. there are these whole lot of problems people have and its kind of what they have put themselves into not to blame them entirely but yea to most extent.. 

problems as i see is kind of relative, first problem is a big problem and then another one crops up.. what do you see now, exactly, the process of fascinating comparison starts.. suddenly the first problems seems smaller than the second one.. and the process goes up until you accumulate enough for your life… realizing you are just an actor in this whole process and you have the freedom to make a choice to cut loose but holding on to it makes some sense.. by the end of your acting career, you would have realized what you have accumulated apart from being a thick skinned of course.. 

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