the so called "drafts" and finally…

Has there been a day when you thought to yourself, “i wish i had not done or said that? Do you believe, there is a past, there is a future and the present that we live in is the so called path towards the end? Do you continue to live your life as if nothing ever happened? 

Have you ever sat down all alone and looked back at your past and wondered where you are now? Have you seen the world through another person’s eye? Have you seen fear? Do you know when your journey of life started? Was there a day in your life when you thought to yourself “I dont know what to do”? Has there been a day when every word you said just turned out to be wrong in any possible way that you saw?

Well, this was a post that i had started writing in 2006 among the “drafts” as we call it now, it remained hidden…. Most of us have thoughts that are frozen in our mind, we tend to over look the fact that the other person could be right. What creates the problem is not because of the person or the topic under discussion, but the failure to accept… 

What we have heard through our childhood as advice from our parents and elders just turns out to be true when you look at it… it’s the perspective from where we see that matters and to which the maturity factor comes in life a puff of dust clouded with a number called “age”…. i think the moment you understand life, the very reason for being alive becomes a factor for your non existence… 

Every minute of your existence has a learning and a meaning in itself that we forget to grab the actual perspective and focus on something that is totally irrelevant… A life without depending on anyone yet dependable for everyone is really something if you know what i am talking about.. controlling what happens around you with your mind and yet no control on the mind itself is like having driving a car around in a crowded place without brakes.. let’s face it, can you imagine the commotion it can create?

when i say assumption is the mother of all f!@# ups, expectation then definitely has to be the father…. either way it is a good combination, i just wonder for whom… today, may be years later when i review my past and bigger if to say if i am sane enough, i would be really surprised seeing me and how things have turned out to be what it is now..

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