why do you even want to know?

pretending to be a rebel and claiming to hate rules is so futile these days. it’s a little nice to be really blunt and speak the honest truth in the darkest way possible. i just wish i could call someone an idiot, cos of the number of times the mistakes are repeated after and after again.. what they don’t realize is what will be, will be and what will be, should be! 

hoping that everyone is a coward in their own senses and claiming yourself to be a saint when everyone thinks you are the devil… people are tactful and they are not just polite cos thats how they want to be thought of.. its good to be polite, but foolish to repeat the same ounce of mistakes with the same amount of humility… 

the consequences for the actions are so inane that invariably it comes back with pointing fingers making the person guilty of what is not supposedly their fault… why does people want to be so human? i really don’t understand.. i should have been normal in some vague sense at some point of time to really make a clear understanding of why it feels that way.. or to find out the deeper truth if there was any.. 

screwing up flashes in your head and trying to figure out things that are not really a matter of disposition by inflicting pain on others.. is that really a thing? every single time when this happens and people let their guard down, the archangel has come twisting the thoughts and making people do something they regret the most… and they wonder or ask themselves, did i do the same mistake again or how does it matter.. i am f@#ing used to it anyways!

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