avatar.. how does it matter?

my new avatar is that of a “hitman”, it looks and feels like me. well, thats my profile picture as of now on FB. i am sure people know what these short forms stand for.. in some time, words will start shrinking and people would be like “hydm, ltns” wondering what the hell that is? its nothing but “how you doing mate?, long time no see.. 

sometimes with kids around, we anyway talk in these terms so that they don’t get the words we speak.. weekends are like 4 movies a day and i sprained my neck trying to watch in an awkward position. ouch! it hurts… the color of the skin makes such a difference in some parts of the world that you just stand astonished by they way people treat you. we go to this cafeteria for lunch and sometimes we get stopped asking if we are employees, blah, blah, blah.. and then a white guy comes, whether he works there or not, if he has an id or not, he is just free… 

how did this happen? well that by itself is a story and i am not wanting to get into all that.. looking from the other side and listening to the news, we too treat people by their color.. guess its everywhere so we will just leave it at that. 

a couple of weekends back went to kingdom towers, its got a sky-walk on the 99th floor.. it was a nice sight to see the entire city from the top.. and we reached 99th floor in like a minute or so.. let me see if i can upload the video i took.. ok i am not able to get the video out of my fone.. will update it when i transfer it.. 

2 Responses to avatar.. how does it matter?

  1. sarba says:

    dude.. sounds like u r still in MidEast..get out that place..

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    u got that right! yep, soon!;)

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