listen… and get paid!

jabber, jabber, jabber.. and it keeps going on.. i am just done with my lunch here and looking at the tasks that are pending not from my side, but others is really irritating.. i really think i have reduced the amount of talking that i do these days not that i used to talk much anyway. still, when compared to like say a year back, i think i have reduced a lot. sometimes i feel there is nothing left to say, sometimes its like, what the hell, what difference does it make if you talk? it goes through one and out another.. 

i very hardly talk about work outside and now i really don’t at all. now i keep listening to a lot of it and i am staying with a lot of colleagues and up until now i have had about 5+ people wanting to talk to me alone. i sure did give them my time of course. all i did was just listen.. coming to think of it, i think this could be the next best job! i din’t get paid for it, but in a few years i guess, people would pay! 

think about it, its like you get paid for listening to someone and with utmost attention.. now thats a job! 

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