shades, layers and protection…

a long time back there was a reader who wanted to comment on my blog but wanted to do so anonymously and i was wondering why.. now when i think about it a little more and try to understand why, i see a lot of reasons….
people are seeking layers of protection, and this protection seems to be accumulating over the years.. after a point of time, you realize you are just not yourself.. it’s like you are wearing a dress for every situation that you encounter.. the problem is you forget to remove the dress once the curtains are down… you forget to get back to your natural way and continue to stay behind the dyes… 
you get into your own vessel, your own private protection, building walls around you that at some point of time when you stop and look back you don’t see yourself… all you see is the shades of skin layered one on top of the other.. If you keep living trying to protect yourself,  you realize nothing is ever going to touch you, right? and yes, it gets a little messy!
call me an interesting lunatic for i am not saying something that you don’t know but try removing those shades and you know it’s not easy now… eventually if you happen to rip apart all that was covering you, you feel that you don’t know that person standing at the end of the line.. it is you who is standing overshadowed by mistakes, choices and most importantly fear… it’s like you have handcuffed yourself to protect your virginity, well, i don’t see that working very well… do you?

3 Responses to shades, layers and protection…

  1. donscave says:

    thats why i think we always reconnect best and are comfortable with friends from our childhood days. They know us from before we got all wrapped up in our layers and are able to cut through to who we really are.Folks who are insecure about their real inner self, would hate to be around such old friends. šŸ™‚

  2. ~ V ~ says:


  3. rashmi says:

    most people just wear layers multiple personalities.Some out of necessity…and some simply because they don't know what they are or appreciate what they are.If a person recognises the layers ..that itself is winning half the battle….would he then want to remove them.But the final verdict is …the day he does manages to .. would be breathes free.

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