time and machine!!

i did think i would write something on my birthday which just whizzed by the hours that were left to spare on an eventful day.. a special one indeed, can’t forget to mention the fact that the date stood as for a second on that day. i will never get to see that one again for sure, don’t want to either.

my second time here in this country and my 4th yr outside of India. most of my travel happens around my birthday, don’t know why, but it’s really strange. first time on the 9th, then on the 10th and then on 8th! wonder where its gonna be next… that’s a long way anyway and really don’t want to see so far sitting in this country for sure.
someone said, hope you start liking the country so that you don’t go back again! yea, i hope i start to but doesn’t look like anytime soon. time management is something that i am picking up here.. how much ever i try to look at the bright side of things, i just can’t help but notice and make a blog out of it. so excuse me! ok, where was i? yea, time management, it took me close to 3 hrs to wash my clothes whites separately and colors separately. i have been used to certain luxuries in life from a very early age and hence these aspects.. the management part comes in working with the time factor, this is a semi-auto washing machine, ok “supposedly semi-automatic”. you have to fill a bucket with water and then pour it in the washing machine, the water from the pipe is like really slow, so you imagine the shower as well.. the best part is the reason that the apartment guy gives.. cos its on 7th floor, can you imagine? alright, the rinsing starts and by then you have to place the bucket for filling up for the next rinse… once the rinse is done, and you turn a knob to allow for water to drain.. i am sure, a kid will take a leak faster than that one.. πŸ˜‰ by the time it drains, your bucket is ready for the next action… and it goes on… always, everyone wants to know the brighter side.. yea, a lot of exercise lifting the bucket and patience…. πŸ˜‰

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