sadness in the smile..

something is wrong, something is not alright… hope the wrong becomes right… relationships! its a twist to everything that you felt was non existent. i could see, the sadness in the smile, the sorrow in the dance and the fear in the obvious…

yet, i was quiet, a hug with a blessing, a blessing wishing happiness for the future, wishing for happiness to show as smiles.. smiles that would last forever..

many a times, everyone wishes this life ended even before the purpose is met, but the reality is there isn’t any… green apple twist is really making a difference and its been quiet a while since there has been a post which is under the influence.. stopping here right now but there is one place i need to be, i wish to be for a friend who is stepping in to a new phase of life, but i am afraid i wouldn’t be able to make it… 

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