same ears… same blood…

there are so many things happening at work that my mind keeps randomly saying something which i fail to capture. there are a lot of words that are lost and a lot of them purposely forgotten. right now i am in a phase when i do a lot of watching than thinking or even talking. 

things need to just take its due course instead of forcing it to happen. everyone needs a push, not a force to make things work. forcing would mean to do things not out of their free will which has its own rebounds and complications.

recently we had a client visit at work and there were some foreigners trying to assess our company for their future prospects. they did list down things that they wanted us to comply with which we too have been wanting for a long time but of course due to environmental issues it was possibly not done. we had to comply, we din’t, and we had to have foreigners come in and ask us to comply with. don’t really know what has changed since the time we got our independence… we still want someone from outside to come and tell us to do things we already know of. 

where is the problem or should i ask what is the problem or who is the problem? everything starts and ends with us. we make our own problems and keep running around trying to find the right solution… as i try to analyze putting myself in those shoes, shoes that fits and kept aside, i would say, if things need to work, there needs to be authority and with it comes freedom to make the change, solve problems and to make a difference. 

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