a road less travelled…

every one fears dying alone and most of them work on it trying to avoid it as much as possible… but everyone dies a lone death.. that is unavoidable, and why would people try something that they already know about?

all of a sudden i want nothing… material things don’t excite me anymore… a feel to feel freedom and own nothing amongst things that you really called “your own”. when you let go, probably the only thing that you have are these little relationships that have kept you afloat. 
in a world where saying “no” would only display to the listener as “he thinks he knows too much”… there is a need to be aloof of all these worldly desires and just take a hike.. there are things that you want to talk about, things that you don’t want to hear, things which you can’t be silent about but more often than not, every now and then some things just speak for themselves… 
so here i am, trying to do something without any agenda or a plan to achieve something.. a trip for a road less travelled… a dreamer in a world where you are the creator and you are the destroyer. there is no one to blame but yourself yet you are in bliss…


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