what makes you….???

makes you fall
makes you rise

makes time fly
makes you give an all time high

makes you dance when you walk
makes you sing when you talk

makes you get lost in the shadows
makes you fall deep in the darkness

makes you trip onto light
makes all wrong as right

makes trouble difficult to understand
makes us demand

makes you dream all day
makes bitter taste sweet today

makes you look mysterious
makes enough look oblivious

makes you get a chill down your spine
makes you shine

makes you feel funny deep inside
makes you different from all the side

makes you not realize the complicated truth
makes you feel like you are a youth

makes you feel happy to be alive
makes you take the biggest dive

makes hell look like heaven
makes twenty four look like seven

makes you feel horrible for some time
makes you give enough reasons to smile

makes you feel the pain
makes you dance in the rain

makes you give an excuse of dying
makes you give a reason for living

makes you feel the joy
makes you say wow

makes everybody needs it
makes everyone cant live without it

makes yourself look like a fool
makes you want to go back to school

makes life look like an enchanted dream
makes you want to scream

makes you believe there are no seasons
makes you rhyme without any reasons

makes you break your heart
makes you tear yourself apart

makes you want the day to rise
makes you get back on your knees for a price

makes you live in the moment
makes you give all the excitement

makes you live
makes you die


2 Responses to what makes you….???

  1. Prez of Es says:

    Hard drugs? 😛

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    nah!! 😉

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