are you giving your share of craze??

i write when i want to and i don’t write because i have to. i really thought i would run out of topics when i started this, but every day experiences is a topic on its own. the other day i happened to watch this movie called inception. it’s about getting inside someones mind and implanting an idea or influencing him to do something which is obviously not his own.

we too do this on a regular basis and what is it in comparison to our real life situation? we may not go three dream levels deep but still try to do a similar kind of artwork by talking in a way that is very convincing. i call it “artwork” because its not everyone who has this way to change the person’s outlook of what initially was different and make him rewrite his perception.

i dont know about others but i do think when i am sleeping, may be, that is what is known as dreams. my flow of words in my dream is so subtle and channelized that i fail to capture it and blog it when i wake up. it is really a strange feeling to wake up and try to recollect what has been going through your mind and it sometimes feel that the real world is not as good as the dream one.

you do not fear, you own your dream, your world is in it and everything that encompasses it in a surrounding that has nothing but freedom. there are no limits or protocols or rules and even if there are, it is what is defined by your own self. 

have you had a dream that felt so real that you never really wished you woke up from it? with every step that you take, would you be sure of what is next? this world with its many illusions looks huge and theatrical to us who among the smallest creatures is trying to crawl with doubt, deception and delusion. 

in this world of constant confusion, are you giving your share of craze?

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