if you want to be heard, use a microphone….

been through a lot of mess lately and sometimes it so helps not to react and keep your mouth shut. keeping quiet doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree nor do you disagree. it’s probably nature’s way of saying, there is a storm coming! have you heard of the saying “there is always a silence before the storm”? something close to that.. 

ignorance is bliss and what’s even more blissful is to watch some of them open their mouth and talk… as i see things, the more we age, the farther we lose who we are and begin to restrain ourselves for the fear of others. sometimes it’s easier to support something blindly than exploring all the options. the problem with some of us is that we are not loud enough to be heard, may be that’s not our cup of tea either. 

if mind is a problem solver then the tongue is the problem creator, it makes it easier as it does not have bones and it twists and turns the way it wants to. the equation must be balanced and each and everything in this world has a purpose. you need some one to balance the equation and someone to unbalance it. it’s like a positive and a negative would make the equation normal. 

i have been refrained from driving because my time is not good according to some astrologer and this i happened to tell one of my colleagues to which his immediate reaction was “why did your parents have to go to an astrologer to find that out, they could have asked me and i would have told that for free 😉 i couldn’t stop laughing to that one.. 

if you are not aware of any problems, then you can just plug in your ipod, eat food and go to bed. we need to apply our beliefs to solve some real problems. if they’re right, it will work. otherwise, you’ll encounter new problems and learn from your mistakes. you wake up the next day and realize that life still goes on.. C’est la vie

2 Responses to if you want to be heard, use a microphone….

  1. siddhu says:

    yet another amazin flow of thought… with ur trademark style … loved it vigu!!!

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    thanks sid

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