whose life is it anyway??

as i reiterate my thoughts caught up with the reasons which would be “why”, i feel the need to take a step back and relish the period and the state of affairs as it has been. a person asked me “what is it that you loved doing when you were 18?” i really din’t have an answer then not more than i do now… but, let me try taking a stroll and see…

hmmm… 18, thats like 12 yrs back.. i’m sure it wouldn’t be a gallant task to guess my age by now!!! if you did have a problem calculating, you sure are bad in math!! worse than me i’m sure.. what has not changed from then till now, obviously my marital status… which let me tell you has been under a lot of rumors. the other day i get a message on Facebook congratulating me for my “marriage fixation” if thats what you call it.. my very obvious reply was “how come i din’t know about it”  ‘WINK’

ok, where were we? yes, 18… i guess i would have been just about getting done with school.. wow, that is a long way back!! good ol’ times i must say.. most of the things hit me early and 18 was the time i kinda had to figure out what i was supposed to do which to this day i am yet to find out. the very purpose of my existence is what i meant here.. after school and just into college, i wanted to become a CEO probably like BG and write an operating system… oh, BTW, if you are reading my blog for the first time, i am supposed to be a “techie” and not a literary person… 

i wanted to and i guess even now i try to be perfect in whatever i do.. which includes my highly contagious OCD too.. which is a boon as well as a bane.. yea, yea, i can hear you say “JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE”

what i wanted to be then is sure a mystery and a lot of people say you shouldn’t forget your 16th birthday… well, i really don’t remember.. i guess i was too busy thinking of something else i kinda missed that one! may be if i get to remember it, i will put it up here… not just 16, but what ever that comes to my mind.. if someone comes up to me and asks “why did u do what you did then?” i have a very good answer for my friend.. “the devil made me do it” ‘WINK’ 

one quick question, if there were no god, there would be no atheists… so does that mean that the people who call themselves “atheists” accept there is god? 😉

until next time… Bee Tee W, whose life is it anyway????? “GIGGLES”

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