journey…. and its name!

It’s about a week now and I haven’t had the time for myself… I thought I could never live with internet not being around and guess what I am getting used to it… I’m back in this country after about 7 months and well its back to hometown as many say… maybe it is…

silently spoken words are the hopes everyone has in their lives… sometimes I ask myself, does a man make his own journey or does the journey make what he is right now… does life take him where he wants to be or is he where he should be? 

the trick is to keep going forward, to let go of the fright, the regret that make us sluggish, slow us down and refrain ourselves from enjoying the journey that will be over even before you know it. Along this journey there would be unforeseen twists and scandalous surprises you didn’t see coming… but that’s really the point. It’s not about falling down; it’s about pulling yourself up, rising to the occasion and taking the path of righteousness. 

When you find yourself gloomy, lost and desolated… remember it’s only in the black hours of darkness you can see the stars, your only hope towards home!

Everyone makes their own destiny and they have to… that’s what makes us different… Maybe this journey is called “life”…. Live it, love it, enjoy it and make it happen!!!!

2 Responses to journey…. and its name!

  1. Narayya says:

    Quite inspiring. While reading it, undergone different expressions. Wake up call….Reflection….Reality and goes on…..

  2. Rashmi says:

    Read the reality..Everyone of us wud have felt tis smtym in their lyf.. Gud one!!!

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