seeing is not believing….

you see things around you and really wonder how could this happen…. but the fact is, you are seeing it because it is happening right now.. have you just stood on the sidelines watching things happen and just not do anything about it? have you stood on a road well known and not take a step ahead not because you did not want to but you couldn’t? well, today was one such day… not all of it, but as little as 5 minutes is what it takes…

well certain incidents in life are like that, it is definitely not because you don’t have a choice, it is because you choose not to… a lot of people reading my status messages on Facebook have told me that they would start, then understand and by the time they get to the end of it, they have no clue what i am talking about… giving people a notion about what is going to happen is just like thesis, where does tickling of the brain start?

most of what i write here is similar to that….. what i write is so open ended, readers make their own opinions with the information that they know already and try to correlate it with my life (if they know me) or else try to correlate it with their own.. it’s a perception of the human mind which thinks and behaves in the way you want it to… i have never tried correcting what people think because it is their own opinion, not mine…

wait, may be the words make you portray it that way.. get ready to widen your thoughts, awaken your mind and think on your own and not what others nudge towards you…

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