shaken & stirred

apologies for the absence here.. it has been quite a hectic couple of months at work and i’m all fire until the 25th of Dec as per one of the predictions on my iphone.. it does make a difference eh, saying phone & iphone :-p

this year has been quite a mix and for the first time i had the title for the post in place. i would say the title is apt, a year where things were shaken, then stirred and now its with right mix.. almost, i must add… can’t be perfect and can’t have it all.. so right now its with almost the right set of ingredients for a perfect door way for the life ahead…

year after year, people have their highs as well as their lows.. some experience only highs and only lows.. those are the combinations if i must say.. so this post is gonna talk about my one year that was.. hoping to write 12 paragraphs, each for a month in the year..

january!! high blown new year eve with just some friends at work in our villa in dubai… a couple of wishes from parts of the world wishing for a fruitful new year. the year started off with a heavy purchase as usual for my macbook. to my surprise i still haven’t sold it :). i started wearing glasses.. i should say it suits me and i have changed 3 frames till today.. thats a lot of frame changes with my power (negligible) unchanged!

february!! shortest month of the year and this flew like no other month.. work, movies, shopping… and valentines day! wishes as usual from expected people in the middle of the night and a drink to celebrate the day.. a couple of gifts to my close friends on this day.. i did make some smiles around…

march!! till this month it has been more than 1.5 yrs since i have been out of Dubai… phew! thats a long time.. but i had got used to this kinda living, where there is no one to question or ask me any sorta thing like why are you coming late and not having my parents (esp. my dad) staying awake till im back.. this month changed it all… i had to travel to india for a exactly 4 days for an official meeting, breaking the long jinxed stay.. it was memorable time there in india with friends and family… back to dubai in 4 days and some unfinished business activities… including signing off a test plan..

april!! summmer! summer! summer! heat was rising and i was loving it.. back to gym after being on a break.. diet control and protein enriched food.. back to looking fit and routine schedule. a couple of Filipina words from a guy who sells shawarma on the way to the gym.. miss that shawarma and that gym!!

may!! as this month started, it was more of work and multiple projects being handled… meetings and objections was across the organization and so was i…

june!! work!! work!! work!!

july!! work!! work!! work!! there was a release that was happening at work and lot of my guys were working round the clock for this.. i too had some work and some appreciation for the work that was done. a COTS application was rejected due to our work and the in-house application building started.. so there starts another project.. if anyone wondered how projects get started, here is an example..

august!! talks started with respect to my relieval from the project in a subtle way as it was close to 2 yrs now.. 2 months of time would be required for me to hand over things to my fellow colleagues and move over. responsibilities /team were split and given over to the guys.. glad they are doing well..

september!! sudden change of events, adrenalin rush so to say in getting me out of this project and into another.. normally would have moved out by october, but it was preponed and i was traveling just before the end of ramadan. back in india, a small stop gap for another travel. project from almost the first day i landed there. meetings with friends and family.. lot of discovery happened and i realized i did have a personal life..

october!! birthday… mine… this one was different compared to my earlier ones and i think there is a separate post on this.. so not going into the details.. another country, another project, another set of people.. its all together a different ball game.. making up for things in the project that had some lost ground… getting things steady… another milestone ahead before the end of the year and as it happens, its pushed for next year..

november!! work again, timelines and costing.. its was and still is taking my toll but im loving it.. movies, how i met your mother are some of the things that kept me occupied.. apart from hours of chat, gossip and any topic under the sun for which i still have time for.. so i cant tell, its just work πŸ™‚

december!! realization, better late than never.. more work and on fire, you must ask the guys working with me about it. my sis calls me a task master at work.. may be i am, may be i am not.. i have this thing with time, i like to keep up to it no matter what.. this current project was estimated for one year by one of our competitors and completing this in 1/4th of the time proposed does require this kinda work..

that almost sums up my entire year, with some parts obviously cut, just to ensure that i do have a personal life as well πŸ˜‰

i do believe in chaos theory.. nothing happens without a reason and this project has been full of it.. starting from the way i work, the progress and how i move the project till date.. some of them had no clue why i was doing what i was and asking for documents that weren’t needed.. the documents did come in handy and will, now they realize.. someone told me that i need to think one week ahead in projects like these.. i just smiled and said ok, i guess i looked much ahead than a week in this case.. its really a good feeling to have things that you do fall in shape at the end that everyone recognizes..

its been a mix of both good and bad.. the rough times have always stuck along, but thats how it needs to be.. otherwise you wouldn’t be able to differentiate good from the bad.. how would the world be without the devil and have only angels all around you? πŸ™‚ the devil brings the angel in you and vice-versa..

this year, i have lost quite a handful trying to keep up promises while the ones on the other side just didn’t bother. i was blamed at for certain incidents by people near, dear and far, which as a matter of fact really doesn’t matter anymore. as rightly said by my kiddo friend, its not my loss anyways! i have seen selfishness, ego, revenge, here and beyond… some cannot just step inside others shoes to see what is going on, all they can see is the world from their eyes from where they are standing and nothing beyond! so cheers with that!

this year like the previous years has taught me quite a bit, all this made me look at things in a different way, let go a lot of things.. life is way too short to be worrying for others.. this time can be used to make others smile including yourself.. relationships are undoubtedly the toughest quest for humans.. we all know that, and we know that theres no easy, magical way of making them work, but the rewards are wonderful.. and we continue to try…

i found myself a twin, should i say a saint or an evil one πŸ˜‰ ok whatever you call it, its great having someone around who can just think the way you think and beyond… im all set for this new year to dawn, with challenges, hopes, fun and a different life (inshah allah) πŸ˜‰ shows how much i have been in the middle east πŸ˜€

merry christmas and a very happy new year….

5 Responses to shaken & stirred

  1. Narayya says:

    Thanks for the blog. Even me too left with mixed feeling πŸ™‚ Happy to relive few of the good time during your journey and not so as no more we have any (currently)…..

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @narayya same here, it will remain as good memories…

  3. sarba says:

    dude..that's a long post :)Yeah its time to sell off you MAC..and I hope u have my contact number :DAll the very best for 2010..wishing you more of all you wish to have..

  4. siddhu says:

    vigu, as usual a nice way to put wat all happened in yr 2009:) Indeed a mixed feelin or i can say mixed bag of events :)really enjoyed reading the blog and relishing the time spent with @ dubai:)

  5. ~ V ~ says:

    @sid thanks sid.. it was really a memorable time.. πŸ™‚

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