life as a double large….

it was i think about 3 years back that i had started blogging. the time i started writing, my only goal was to keep it alive. then after a point it became my friend to whom i could tell anything to and the talk back happened in terms of comments… then it became a habit and now its out of passion…

30 years of my life is over, come to think about it, did i choose the right words there? or should i say i have lived 30 years of my life? do i look back at the 30 years and see what i done or what i have missed? a lot of questions is all i have as i write this piece.

this birthday was different, i had a long 26 1/2 hour day instead of the normal 24 and thats was because of the traveling across timezones. the day started in india and ended in saudi arabia… what a place to end up right?

where was i when the clock struck 12? well, i was having dinner with a couple of friends, being wished by more over calls or sms’s. some of them waited till the time struck 12 and then crashed 🙂 some of them forgot, some of them never bothered and some took their own time 🙂 all in all, this is someday i would never forget or should i just say it was special?

as i write this i am actually missing chennai and the 20 good fun filled days. I lived like there was no tomorrow.. Lot of things happened as per expectations and a lot without.. I had the time of my life. I knew it wouldn’t last long, but I was not planning to drool over as to what will happen when I leave. all i did was to do what I wanted. Today as I stand and look at the 20 days, i probably did more things during this time than my 30 year old life..

one of my very close friend wrote me a note on my b’day, a note which is there in my phone, which i read once in a while.. i am not going to post the entire thing here, but a gist of it is what i am going to give here.. she wanted me to have an amazing next 30 yrs. of my life in a most extra ordinary way possible.. what is an extra ordinary life?

ok to sum it up its when,

i have cried my heart out

i have been hurt mentally and physically,

i been so angry i could kill someone

i have faced fear

i have lost

i have had loss

i have trusted

i have seen that trust break

i have experienced highs

i have had definite lows

i have laughed till my jaws pained

i have been so happy that i could tell, i could just die right now

i could just dance for every tune that is playing

i have won when the world thinks i have lost

i can just take my bag and go for a hike

i have many people loving me

i have some who really hate me

i can just shout

i can be shouted at

i can just sleep all day

i can be with some one special

i can get into a fight

i have won in every possible way

i can see myself in someone

i know someone looks up to me

i know someone is there at any cost

i have been lonely

i am the player

i have been played

i have been sad

i had grudge

i see my life in the ones i love

i see my success in those who hate me

and last but not least

i forgive

i have experienced some of these and hoping to make my life complete trying to finish things i haven’t done…


2 Responses to life as a double large….

  1. Prez of Es says:

    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a splendid one, with wisdom and glory and all the great things that life is to offer you. Hope this year and the years ahead will be as beautiful and full of grace!

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    thank dear!

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