ride to the airport…

i was going to the airport and happened to get into a taxi with a driver from pakistan. i don’t like to talk when i am in the taxi, prefer to be quiet and watch things around me. i really cant blame the drivers too, because all they keep doing is driving and guess talking is the only form of entertainment they have. i was kinda ok listening to what he was telling, but the topic changed into something totally different. he was talking about a customer of his and how she had given him her number for obvious reasons. she was selling herself and this man was ok to accept the offer until he asked her the charges..

when he was telling this, he was showing me his daughters photos and telling that he would be meeting them soon. he then gave a call to that girl, but she dint pick up the phone. he was asking me, for the charge he pays her, he could go to his hometown and meet his wife. my reply was, you do what you think is right. i am no one to decide what you need to do.

i was just waiting to get this conversation over with and reach the airport. finally reached the airport and when i tried checking in, they wouldn’t let me as i had excess baggage. i was about 6 kilos more :D. i then had to call a couple of friends who then took my excess stuff and went back.

i have had enough for the day already, first time i dint go to the duty free 😉 sitting here and online chatting with some people.. another 1 hr to go for the flight to take off.. ok people, will catch you guys soon..


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