bidding adieu…

phew! after about 2 yrs. in a project, i’m heading back home, not for long though. yesterday was my last day at work here. most of them actually were shocked to hear that i am leaving. i had sent out a mail to about 92 people in the organization with a note of thanks and appreciation for the time i had spend in the project.

almost all of them replied to the mail and thats when i realized i did something there. small sentences that really made me smile. it was really worth having spend the amount of time to get appreciation for the work you have done. some of the replies were really touching and heart felt. some of them came to my desk once they saw the mail and we were having a word, and thats when i felt, there was so less time to spend with each and everyone. i had gone to meet a few people, some were there, some were not. it was a different feeling.

this is one place i will never forget, be it professionally or personally. this place has really transformed me into what i am right now and i am really glad it did. i know more about people now than the day when i got in here. work wise, there has been a lot of improvement and people management has been the key..

some of the replies i got for the thank you note i had sent was really nice and i will put that up here. i am not putting all of them here, but some of them…
Thank you for the kind words and I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to come and thank you for your efforts on behalf of XXXXXX.

Please accept my best wished for the future and hopefully our paths will cross again one day

Regards and Eid Mubarak
It was a pleasure having a dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team member like you on my project, who knew exactly what needs to done and gets it done. I am sure you are every project manager’s delight. Glad that you were a part of the team and thank you for your valuable contribution which led to the projects success.

I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. God Bless.
Thanks for your words.

Indeed, it’s a very nice time to be with you all these days not only in work but also while dining and in your living place.

You’ve got enough creativity and flair to present things differently. Keep nurturing it so as to reach mass audience.

At times I’ve seen you feeling dejected / depressed about your physical presentation.(I may be wrong)…but then to me I like your attitude, kindness, creativity and physique – very trivial

Hoping to extend this relationship

God Bless You


This is bad news for us. It was great pleasure to working with you.

Thanks for your support.. Kindly keep in touch.


I am really sorry to hear that man! Are you leaving because of you wanted or it’s something else. I am surprised though I think you might have a better reason for the same. It was pleasure working with you man. Where are you going? Is it already settled or you will think about it once you are back to india.

Wish you all the best!


I wish you all the best for your future activities.

On my side, for the time we worked together (Siebel performance testing), you did great job. I’ve qppreciated working with you.

Keep moving forward, you deserve it.


Thank you for all your kind words.

Even I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed you company as a mentor and as guiding star. And I will always be thankful for your support and guidance both at work and at our favorite’s stock market.

I don’t know about others but surely I will miss you. And I wish you all the best for your future


Good to know that you remember me! Best of luck for your future endeavors!

Will definitely bug you if there are any queries on load testing! ;0)


It was truly a pleasure having you on the team and am sad to see you go.

However, I hope it is towards a better and brighter future. Wish You All the Best!



Any way all the BEST and do keep in touch.

Any time you need any help from me do let me know.


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  1. sarba says:

    "We had a good run..but it's time to move on…" – Diego, Ice Age 3Not long before I was going through the same..The people there are really good. But there's still a whole world to discover..Let's catch up in India 😀

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