a couple of days in september…

force india, that was close as well.. good to see our tri-color in one of the costliest sports around.. that’s the thing with being an indian, somehow it just shows where ever you are and what ever you do.. proud to be one!

past two days have been kinda sober.. with trying to sort out and do some disconnections here before i leave this place.. don’t want to get into issues in the airport when leaving the country.. its better not to hold anything in your name in this part of the world, all it leads to is complications..

have some work to finish (some configuration changes etc.), hopefully by EOD today. yesterday had been to this place called Kalpaka, its a malloo restaurant, the food was good, had appam and stew 🙂

before that, we had been to the ISP to have the internet connection to be put on someone else’s name, but unfortunately they do not allow that. we then had to apply for a new one since they do the disconnection immediately 😦 but they have a field in the form which says.. disconnect from . wonder what that is for? long term planning? so that makes me having to go there again to have the connection disconnected once the new connection is in place.. did i tell you there is a disconnection fee because we didn’t keep up the 12 month contract :-p… these guys know exactly how to make money 🙂 i guess 40-45% of their revenues comes out of fines etc.. may be india should try that out, im sure, india would be rich in no time 🙂

so long folks, have some work to do.. until next time.. peace!


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