long night made short…

i was so bored that i started playing farm ville on facebook… i must say it was kind of interesting. a long time back i had a game called tropico, which was almost like this.. thinking of which, i need to find that CD once i get to chennai…

was playing carrom the entire evening after which we headed out to have dinner in a place called ‘kalavara’. the plan after that was to go play pool in a non smoking joint that was close to the place we were having dinner.. something happened during the course of dinner and we had a short night.. i had ordered beer and was trying to make shandy… so took half a pint of beer with sprite and then added some lime juice… trust me, by the time i finished it, i was high and drowsy… a couple of others too… so we got back home and i crashed… the long night made short… 😦

2 Responses to long night made short…

  1. sarba says:

    bro..thou shalt not waste beer by adding sweetened aerated drinks to it…If you try defiling the Golden Liquid you are destined to screw up you night.. True Story 😉

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    hahahaha very true story 😀

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