tweet, tweet, tweet….

Tweet, tweet, tweet… that’s the buzz word now.. Simplest of theories put in practice, 140 characters worth of information that makes a news flow faster than the speed of light… literally… commonly termed as micro blogging is becoming so popular.. What interested me was the amount of people who are tweeting and the amount of information received by just checking the messages from people who you follow.

Man’s wants are unlimited, satisfy one and another pops up.. After using twitter for a while, now i want is to have groups in twitter so that i can classify or sort my tweets based on groups..

With twitter in place, suddenly you feel so connected with a lot of people around. People who you never thought u will be able to communicate with, people who you thought you would only see on television or listen to them on radio. So many people in this twitter world, you get to see what the other person’s life is especially with celebrities, you get to feel their life and almost every minute of it.

News that happen around when you are trying to do some work either on your word processor or trying to code something comes to you at your screen instantaneously and you are informed!!!! Most of us think, what kind of life do these rich celebrities live, wish we had that kind of life. Having some of them in my twitter, and the messages that they sent, is almost similar to the life everyone is having.. They feel left out sometimes, they feel alone, they are happy at times, partying, family get together, drunk and pissed and what not?

Sometimes I feel I’m having a much better life than all of them.. happy tweeting people… Catch me on Twitter


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