who is a friend??

Lot of people comes into your life in the trip called life. You meet a lot of people from your childhood till you turn into dust. Some of them stay in touch, some not so much and some are just forgotten. Who is a friend or what is friendship?

In childhood, friends used to be someone who plays regularly with you. Someone who shares chocolates and toys… as you grow older, the definition of a friend also changes. In school, it’s probably one who will stand by you through every brawl. In college, its more to do with exchanging ambitions, in work, it’s to do with career, climbing the ladder and so on…

Some of you might have had the all this in one person.. May be you are together even now.. But a lot of us have a lot of people as “friends” spread across. With so many definitions in place, who are your friends? I have over 300+ connections in facebook and other social networks… are all of them my friends? May be they are… but how many of them are you in touch with constantly.. Now a question arises, do you have to be in touch to be friends?

Do you have to talk everyday to be friends? I read somewhere that friends are like stars!, you don’t see them all the time, but you know they are there… what is the point?? May be friend is one who get there first and won’t go away… may be not!

Some people in your life have made your life a smooth journey.. Some of them have pushed you harder to show your worth, some of them ravage your life like a storm and move on.. But at the end of the day, all of them have made you what you are today at this very moment.

you choose the people who are in your life, you choose who stays and who goes… you meet a stranger, goes on to become a friend, to be a good friend and then to be the best… think of it, does it stop there??? Do best friends remain best friends for ever?

Your life changes, so does everything around you! People move, life is more like a party than a ritual…you never know what’s coming next!

2 Responses to who is a friend??

  1. sarba says:

    Frnds part but meet as if they never have.. Still meeting frnds after years is often a surprize (remember After 20yrs by O Henry!!)How about Amir and Hassan in "The kite runner"..Remember "For you a thousand times over." If you ever feel like helping someone just like that..you are a friend to him..

  2. MNEMONIX says:

    Life's a party… let's drink up mate!!!

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