consolidation & change!!!!

Looks like there is a lot of consolidation happening all across the globe… for company’s it is through layoffs and recalls…. For the nature is it through plane crashes or building collapses and what not! For the stock markets it is going down when it is really high and going up when it is really low…

I have been doing a lot of consolidation myself in term of all my gadgets that I had some time back. Past couple of weeks I was doing my own consolidation with respect to people who are/was there in my life.

Lot of questions came up when I went through the huge list in my mind. Questions like, who would i call if i needed to talk urgently about something that cropped up? Who are the people who will be available to talk to me anytime/anywhere? What will be the first reaction / word as soon as they pick up the call or hear my name? Would kinda reaction would they have? Would I get a reply for every message / sms / e-mail that I send? Would people actually get in touch with me only if they needed something from me?

People just walk in and out of our lives as and when they want to… and all this happens so very fast due to some activity in the brain… and this is what i found online… Adult brain can change within seconds… The human brain can adapt to changing demands even in adulthood, but MIT neuroscientists have now found evidence of it changing with unsuspected speed. Their findings suggest that the brain has a network of silent connections that underlie its plasticity. Click here for more info on this.

Do you really need to do a research on this topic to find out that an adult brain can change in seconds.. funny thing is.. if you have been with a lot of people, i guess you would have found that out by now!

3 Responses to consolidation & change!!!!

  1. sarba says:

    dont reply saying it was a typo.."people who are/was there in my life."since u used singular instead of plural, we deserve to know SHE was :pand oh yes.. ur next poem is on plz dont bluff this time..

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @sarbait was not a type… i tried the plural, it dint sound very well 😉 hehehewhich SHE are you referring to? 🙂 i bet you are pretty jobless right now.. idle mind's a devil's workshop 😀 hehehe dont think too much dude.. both do not have any connection at all.. bee tee w… how do u say she in plural?? if that sounds better 🙂 if i put a he, then it would be like me being in a totally different community 😀 you know what i am saying!! hope certain things are clear now! :-p

  3. ~ V ~ says:

    @sarbai have never commented so long.. 🙂 i think i should have put that as a separate post! :-p

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