who would you blame?

Some people can never be trusted; they change colors much faster than a chameleon. I don’t trust people when I can see they don’t mean what they promise. People use words too easily not knowing the consequences and what it can lead to. The concept of honor is lost in its own glory and will never be kept in the same high altitude.

What makes people behave like this? Selfishness is something that I tag to such kind of behavior. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act!” ~ George Orwell

Manipulating ones life for the convenience of others in front of an unthinking audience to make people believe on the contrary of what is happening is a case of selfishness. Don’t you think so?

Would you blame anyone? If you do, who do you blame? Is it the one who has been manipulative or the one who is being manipulated?

I happened to read a post, which asked a couple of questions. Read on, here is just a part of it…..

So here are a couple questions for you: When someone sins against you and hurts you deeply by their gossip, or cold-hearted manipulation, or lies, or faithlessness, or apathy, who do you blame? When you experience deep pain because of sin, who do you blame? If you’re like most people, you blame the person who hurt you AND you ultimately find fault with God.
That’s why I say Satan has the easiest job in the world. He does all the damage and God gets all the blame. When people live just like the devil of hell, and crush each other with his evil works, God gets blamed.

Think logically for a moment. If God is perfectly loving, peaceful, gracious, and kind, while His counterpart is a selfish, hateful, lying manipulator, why would anyone blame God when people are selfish, hateful, lying, and manipulative?

Choice is yours, Satan or God?


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