quality time or waste of time???

little did i know that by giving someone quality time, i was just wasting mine… sleepless night, a never ending conversation, two pieces of advice and a darkness for the scenery.. in less than 24 hours i realized it was just a waste of time.

man’s a fool, when it’s hot he wants it cold, when its cold he wants it hot, always wanting what its not & never wanting what he’s got!

reasons are plenty and all some of do is search for one… not everyone is living a problem free life, its how you deal with your problems that makes you who you are.. we are only trespassers in this passage called life and some of us just wasting the precious moments called time..

failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely! your life should be your message to the world not a message that would be marked as spam!….


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