process improvement & commode…..

a lot of mail exchanges for nothing more than moving a pin from a table, a lot of meetings where solutions become a confusion, weekly status call which is nothing more than writing down numbers in the book people carry along… now call that a hectic week for many..

a lot of them talk about “process improvement” and their never ending quest to make it even better… what they end up doing is not following the process at all. talking aloud to make everyone hear about their innovative ideas or should i say “nonsense” in my words is like dogs barking on the road side.. do you stone every dog that barks somewhere in one corner of the road? nah! if you were to stone every dog that barks, then i guess that is a job by itself.

these so called “process improvement” driven “innovative idea” people need to be first taught how to urinate by lifting the toilet seat… some of them think taking a leak is a game, where you just have to miss the commode.. you know what im saying!! when they can’t do this for nuts… how are they gonna improve the process??? absolute bullshit..

first of all, try following the process, when you are done with that, try improving… dont try to improve the process when there isn’t any!



One Response to process improvement & commode…..

  1. Narayya says:

    In my language (telugu) we call it "pichi kukala gola". Interestingly even i came across. They call it as process improvement but they make things complex. I can give you a better example in terms of testing. Whole world knows there is an option to upload the testcases to QC by an add in, but these so called Methodology creater's put a process in writing the testcases in QC rather than the better and efficient way. How about process improvement 🙂

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