this or that?

What’s the deal about comparisons? Everyone wants to compare, be it whether it’s going to be something that you are going to shop or who you are going to spend your life with. Past couple of weeks or so, I have been working on a project which was comparing / ranking risk engines among the globally accepted top two firms. I was ranking them based on the criteria that I want and totally based on the performance as it appeared in black & white and at that very particular point of time. It all boils down to a being at the right place and the right time and have the right set of tools. One of them faired better than the other and the evaluation was done. What went wrong with one of them? Is our basis of comparison different from what they have to offer? Is it because they have what we want, but were assuming that we wanted something else? Is it lack of communication? What ever it is, a comparison is done and you eventually have to choose one! You cannot have the best of both; it is either this or that. Everything is well as long as what you have evaluated on the right basis and meets your needs. What if it was wrong and all you have is to live with the evaluation you made? Would you scrap it one day after all the effort? The evaluation concludes today! I have given my scores… made my choice based on the criteria I put forth! Hopefully things will go well, I may not be right here to see it live! In fact, most of them who have evaluated wouldn’t be…

As I was writing this, I came across this post, hottest women in politics. interesting read!


2 Responses to this or that?

  1. sarba says:

    not my fault mate.. HE left it out in the "Ten Commandments" Lets raise a change request "Thou shalt not compare" :)The evaluation was not fair :pPS: thanks for the great link but ur templated is all screwed up..doesnt show the hyperlinks in different colour

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    haha yea plz do.. my eval or the entire 🙂 hehehe yea i know, i need to redesign!!!

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