cozy life…

people get cozy with the way life flows, may be not quickly but eventually. i get to see a lot of people on my way to work and since most of the timings are to the dot, i get to see the same people almost everyday. one thing that i notice is that they stand in the same place as they were standing yesterday and the day before and so on. they infact stand in the exact same posture as well. then i looked at myself and saw where i was standing and how i was standing…. it was the same like the previous day.. many of us are resistant to change until there is no other choice..

to tell you frankly, i started off writing this post with something in my mind yesterday, but as i open this for editing today, i am kinda lost.. will add to this if i remember about it..

Where we have strong emotions, we’re liable to fool ourselves. – Carl Sagan


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