the making of an as!h!@#

this past week was when i really felt that a!@h!@#$ are made and not born… they just really get on your nerves and give you a feeling that you want to kill someone even if you didn’t want to…

the question to ask, who contributes to creating one? is it the ones who try really hard to protect those who are given specific roles to play or is it people who just can’t make a decision and keep going on discussing things without any reason?

you can play the role as long as they have required experience and can handle things. from what i have seen, they don’t know a shit about what they are doing or what they are supposed to do. all they can do is interfere in others work and ask questions… i would really be glad if the questions were challenging and genuine, but not questions like, “so do you mean, men can’t give birth?” that was not the exact question that was asked, but something similar to those for which almost everyone knows the answer.

there are characters who thinks, more the work, more the people you get in and faster it would finish… every time i hear a sentence like “no problem, instead of 3 resources, we could get 6 and finish it in half the time”, i just feel like telling, be it 1 or 10 men, you still have to wait 10 months to have a child in hand… you know what i am saying..

anyways, people like these are everywhere, scattered and available when things are really going smooth.. all we can do is live with it, but smartly…


3 Responses to the making of an as!h!@#

  1. sarba says:

    😀 CHILL dude..hope the weekend has helped calm some of ur frayed nerves..They say "The best way to deal with a$$h*Le$ is to act like an idiot or outdo them in their game" Try it this week 🙂

  2. MNEMONIX says:

    wat / who made you write this post? [if I may know ;)]

  3. ~ V ~ says:

    @sarbayea may be will give it a try! :)@mnemonixtoo many to list…

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