i am unwinding… rite here!!!

gap is too big and some of them have come to conclusions that i am unwinding some place else πŸ˜‰

as panda rightly said in his post, this is some place where you can just pen down your thoughts, a sort of relaxation, a source of energy or in just plain words, a devil’s paradise πŸ™‚ a lot has been happening this month and guess what, i am working actually.. now that explains the unwinding scene, doesn’t it?

i have been testing applications, creating a lot of confusion inside and outside, making a lot of people think.. now thats something i do a lot and most of them who are around don’t… there are some incidents that happen, which i can laugh, only, but on the inside… seeing a lot of people just open their mouth and drop down words which you wouldn’t find in the english dictionary or should is say technical dictionary?.. give them some time and some flow fo words and ask why and then you realize that they are saying just plain good old bullshit… i really don’t want to correct them or try to make them realize they are wrong, not because i don’t want to, but then its just not worth it from what i see and their attitude that they carry 100 feet high which they cant reach themselves..

anyways! that’s like one of the every day happening… i could actually write a book on this.. ok i’m off to work now.. ooops.. i’m going home actually!! πŸ™‚ tata!

oh bee, tee, w.. i got this domain name unw.ind.in registered, it captures what my blog is about! a place where i get to unwind!


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