oops.. sorry! it was my fault…

Hmm… that wasn’t very tough, was it? be it having put that as a title to my post or just saying it when you have made a mistake….

A very rare number of people on this place called “Earth” accept their mistakes. More often than not, they are not even ready to believe that they made a fault. What makes it so bloody tough to accept a mistake? Is it because of the fact that he/she is afraid of the consequences or is it just that they are being cold heartedly stubborn or is it because they think that they are the only people on this world who are right and all the others are wrong? May be they are just wanting to give a reason to point to someone. May be they don’t like being in such a situation or may be it is just the big god damned EGO that is not letting them say “I accept it was my fault”.

I have been in situations where I have opened my mouth to make people understand that they have made a mistake but mostly it has ended up in a wrong note. So here is what I am going to do, when someone doesn’t accept his/her mistake, I am just gonna leave them on their own. Some day (hopefully) they will realize it…

After all, we are only humans!



4 Responses to oops.. sorry! it was my fault…

  1. sarba says:

    The infallibility of the superego is supreme reason for existance of such megalomaniacs. Leave them to their wretched stagnating existence bathing in the filth created by them.Peace 🙂

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @sarbathats pretty heavy mate!

  3. MNEMONIX says:

    I turn back, I see, I reasoned out, I was ignored; I look front, I see, I am happy!!! Different people… different perceptions!!!

  4. ~ V ~ says:


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