i am slimming!!!!

DIET, DIET and more DIET, that’s what I get to hear from a lot of people around me. Quite a few people that I know have started their quest to lose weight, look good and last but not least, reduce their tummy! All of them have started, but I have hardly seen someone complete it:) so, where is the problem? Nah! I am not here to do a R&D on this one, at least not yet! Lot of my colleagues under the pretext of diet brings in a whole lot of eatables, mostly fruits, which I get to eat: D. Thanks to Panda for the baby corn and carrots! Thanks again for the plum the day before! Hey thanks again for the grapes the day before that! 😉 Now I guess you can figure out who is on diet 🙂

My workout schedule has got a serious hit for a while, its time I get back on track. Last week I was on a serious hog mode, with a lot of rasmalai’s and biriyani! Hmmmm feel like having some right now..

Panda, “how bout some malai now?” 😉 I am just trying to be the devil here: D tempting people! You know what I am saying rite! At least I know for sure I look like one, except for the horns and the tail…which I think is invisible 😉

Talking about biriyani, I know it might not fit here in this post, but what the hell… this is my place, my kingdom, my playground.. A couple of weeks back, I happened to be at Ceasers, it’s a restaurant and I was having dinner with some colleagues of mine. There were a bunch of girls on a table close to mine and I just happened to hear one them say (to their all girls group), “Guys, get together fast, lets take a snap!” some how, I haven’t got to see any in an all boys group saying, “Girls, round up fast for a snap!” 😉 I know it’s just a figure of speech! It’s just a thought and a note!

Until next time! By the next post, I hope to see someone complete their 1 week diet schedule!



4 Responses to i am slimming!!!!

  1. sarba says:

    Nothing invisible about your horns and tail.. you devil :DAnd thanks.. I am adding RasMalai to my order for day 8..if i survive

  2. Prez of Es says:

    Meanie… 😛 Just wait, I'll prove you wrong! Will complete it. 😛

  3. ~ V ~ says:

    @sarbaorder some for me as well 🙂

  4. ~ V ~ says:

    @prez of esknowingly or unknowingly i am getting a lot of ppl into this diet thingy!! 🙂 hehehe let me know once you complete :-p

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