c’est la vie

It’s been a long time since my last post. Well, let me just say I was held up with some work. One such was my travel to India after approximately 1 ½ years. I was there only for about 3-4 days; needless to say it was short and pretty hectic. I happened to meet quite a number of people after a very long time, some of them being just my second meeting. Too bad I couldn’t meet some of them as they were not around when I was there. I managed to meet some of my school friends too in this place called “French Loaf”. It was quick but a jolly good time, talking about things that happened way back like 10 yrs ago!!! Alright! Now that makes me look like I’m getting older. Not that everyone becomes younger except for Benjamin Button.

We were just giggling away talking about incidents that happened during our school days. It’s really amazing when you start telling about some incident and your classmates just pick it up as if it happened yesterday. It probably shows how these incidents remained dormant somewhere in your head but not lost or forgotten. The best moments come up only when people are together, yet we speak about it more often than not just to make us realize what we used to be and what we are now.

Sometimes you sit alone and smile just wondering about the things that happened which had an impact on you. Some of my friends actually threatened to kill me if I don’t meet them. 🙂 I also happened to meet another set of friends in the same place the next day. It was fun too in a different way. It was at a different level and in a different frame of mind and just the presence made it feel different.

Office remained the same after a year but with a lot of new faces all around. You just don’t seem to realize how time flies as it used to always. Last but not the least my home, it looked totally different with the interiors being redone, but as everyone would say, “it’s good to be back home” where you know people don’t change in spite of you not being around for such a long time.

Some relationships remain the same whatever may be the case, how ever you are or wherever you are.

A long post after a very long time.. Hope you had a good read! Chow!


One Response to c’est la vie

  1. sarba says:

    well said mate…some relations don't change..And nothing like meeting a frnd after years and picking it up as if you never parted.good old days..n dude enough onsite masti…GO HOME 😛

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