fish, chat and insanely mad!

another weekend over, it seems like the days are moving twice as fast as what it did last year. this weekend was a really sober one not that i did want to do something in particular. i was just lazing around watching a couple of movies on my laptop and IM’ing people online. watched this movie called ‘Grand Torino‘, a good watch i must say. you can see the American in Clint Eastwood and obviously for the glimpses of the Grand Torino itself..

some of my time was killed making some food.. made sambhar and king fish fry.. it came out well though.. slurrrpp..

killed some time chatting with friends and family online… happened to chat to an extent with one of my friends after a long time actually.. looking at the way things are going i get this feeling it might hit a dead end soon.. u never know!! may be not!!

was chatting with another friend of mine and she happend to comment on the status that i had put on gtalk.. it read “insanely maddddddd!!!” she was like, i know you are mad types.. and my reply was “yes only a few know that fact, now i am making it public”

guess thats quite a handful for a sober weekend.. until next time.. chow!


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