A strange mistake was done a couple of weeks back here in office. The sign boards for the restrooms were switched by the people who fixed it. Men’s room had the women signage and vice versa. People who were used to using the actual men’s room continued as is and the people who actually look and the signage and get inside started going to the one that had the men’s restroom signage. A serious confusion eh!! Some of them were actually scared to get inside both, especially in such a country! You know what I mean right!!

First of all, I wonder how they could make a blunder like this in the first place especially when the sanitary ware inside the actual men’s room which had the women’s signage cannot be used by women… Strange!!! Anyways, women have found another place to go, as the signage is still unchanged!

I happened to watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” yesterday after my brother told me to watch it. Brilliant movie! Slow though, but it is awesome!


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