while i was out!

It’s been a while, since I jotted down something here. Actually there has been nothing much happening with me apart from the go to office, work and get back home routine. Saw a movie last week called “While She was Out”. Please don’t even go any where close to that title. I guess some retarded school drop out must have written this one. 108 minutes of nonsense I must add.

Sometime I get this feeling, that many people that you know or used to know keep going further and further away or is it the other way? May be I am going further away from them! Whatever!

Being in this country, my social networking has kind of reduced as well, worthy to mention that the ISP blocks most of the social networking sites, etc. etc. You could still access it, but it is a pain. Now that keeps me away from accessing orkut etc.

Anyways, until I am back! Chow!


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