life is a choice….

the other day, a friend of mine and i were having an argument about choices. i was arguing saying that we always have a choice while on the contrary, my friend was like, not always!!

most of the time, life is uncertain.. mostly due to the fact that you just keep thinking with the what if questions…what if something happens? what if something doesn’t?

couple of weeks back, i had to make a choice about something that i was uncertain about. i made a choice, went ahead, hoping it would happen. eventually, it did happen. think for a while! was i being optimistic here? or was i just taking my chances? sometimes things happen, just the way you wanted.. and this time it did, for me…

every event in your life gives you a choice, a choice to do something different and more often than not, life in itself is full of choices. these do come with a lot of expectations though. sometimes you need to lower your expectations and sometimes you need to raise it. you make your choices based on what you want, and you don’t see what the other options are mostly due to the fact that you are refusing to look beyond the choice that you want to make.

every incident in your life has a choice, we have a choice to choose it. you choose what is good or what is bad. you choose your current or your future. all you need to see is that you don’t look back at the choices you made.


One Response to life is a choice….

  1. Shaggy says:

    Most of the times we are not aware of all the choices available. And always we limit ourself to an easy choice and a tough choice. Eventually we go for the easy option. Very rarely we take risky options and get rewarded or pay for it….

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