and there shall be light……

Where there is light there are also shadows, or should i say, there are no shadows if there is no light…or sometimes, there are no shadows even if there is light..

if light is considered as as being the good qualities, are the shadows bad?

i was thinking about this and as i was walking along the sidewalk with street lamps over my head, i could see my shadows sometimes ahead of me, sometimes there are no shadows and sometimes the shadow follows..

confused already? if the light is behind me, i see my shadow in front of me. if the light is right over me, the shadow is not seen and if the light is in front of me, the shadow is behind.. what i infer from this is that, if there is something some good quality in you, then there will be bad as well.. we need to find the right mix or rather understand our weakness and try to manage them…

who you are depends on where you are standing with respect to the light.. most of us want to stay right under it… but for how long? you don’t want to be ahead as well for a long time too.. think about it..


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