why so serious???

Don’t take life too seriously, you’re not going to survive it anyway! Just be you, ‘cos life is just too short to be someone else. It is so very easy to tell that! right? “Just be Yourself” I have heard that before!! It is so difficult to be you! A lot of people try to be who they are not. They change not for themselves, but, for others! for what I ask!

Being with certain people, you know if it is for real or if they are really faking it. My next question! for how long?

Really, how does it matter… is it who I am that really matters or what I am that really matters?

Who can you be yourself with without thinking a wink about what you are going to say and what the consequences are?

Who is the first person who you can tell the most dumbest thing you have done in your life and still laugh about it?

Who can you be with even after those really horrid fights and what not and still have a moment of smile together?

For those who have read this and think that they are being themselves… try this… Think you can leave a name as a comment? Tough eh! šŸ˜‰ now think again if you are being yourself!!!

happy thinking!!!


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