a weekend including "A Wednesday"


long time eh!! well i had a very long weekend which away really fast. most of the days were over chatting with people really close to me and one day was occupied in a water theme park called Wild Wadi. Well I am really not into the water kinda thing if you know what I am saying. It was fun in a different kind of way, a really different Dubai inside that place with pretty less rides for the amount you pay for it. You even get the feeling that living outside this place is actually a lot cheaper. So stop complaining guys! about cost of living being high in this place.. try Wild Wadi, you will know how cheaper it is to stay outside 😉

If you ask me if it was worth the money… yea almost.. can’t complain much… its good fun as long as you are a bachelor 😉 you get to see a lot of things that you don’t see outside :). A lot of tattoos, people, rides etc etc.. not planning to put the entire list anyways.. guess you have a feel right now..

Other than that my weekend was with movies and IM’ing.. “A Wednesday” that’s a movies name.. a must watch movie, if you are assuming it is an English movie, NOPE…. it is an Hindi movie. I must say that the Indian movie scene is getting better.. Nasserudin Shah, I dont know if I got the spelling right, anyways.. brilliant acting… a through professional and it comes out so naturally.. alright alright.. this is not a movie review.. i know that.. but this movie is worth the mention…

Okies, I better get going now… laters…


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