R & D ‘ing with PSP

movies have become like an addiction for me, a movie a day, keeps ….. (don’t know what to fill). i have been watching movies like crazy and i guess i will run out of movies in a while. thanks to internet and all the movie buffs all around the world.

work days are short here as Ramadan has started and we have a lot of free time. not that i do much anyways. yesterday i was busy with my PSP. accidentaly i had upgraded my PSP firmware from 3.71 to 4.05 and man it really sucks. i can’t play any game right now off my memory card. i have to buy games and play 😦 sad eh!! why pay when i have loads of games that can be pulled off the internet.. not that i havent bought any. i tried a whole lot of shit to downgrade it to a lower version, but could not pull it off.. waiting for a custom firmware to do the trick, hope they don’t make me wait too long.

thinking of a PS3 now hmmm.. interesting aint it? i hate working on sundays.. but it is usually the days i work the most, as there are less people on the internet due to weekend. ok i am off to do some work now.. ciao!


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