another weekend is over!!

hello people,

after a break, here i am. for the past couple of weeks, i have been trying to get a new domain name. the .me domain is out and i’m trying to get my hands on it. i was thinking of changing my domain name of my blog to but looks like someone else has bought that 😦 sigh!!

anyways, not every time do you get what you want. another weekend is over with a couple of movies and some shopping. saw “journey to the center of the earth” and “the mummy 3”, the graphics is pretty neat.

i’m back into gaming after a long pit stop… this time its not alone, we have been playing on the LAN and its pretty neat. the competition is slowly picking up and interesting day by day.

a friend of mine has been asking me to watch “jaane tu ya jaane na” for about 3 weeks now… but for some reason, i am not very keen to do so. probably should download it and watch as it removed from the theatres here, but not very sure if i will do that too. anyways..

alrighty, i am off to work now… not that i do much at work these days as things are very slow.. i should probably act as if i am doing some right?



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