a lil of everything…

Hola! Today I thought i will write something about me!! A little about the posts that I write..

Some of the posts do not actually reflect what was intended, it leaves a cloudy thought lingering in your head, it leaves you thinking. Some of them think it is written for them, and others feel they know what I am referring to. Various people have different versions of what seems to be their own after trying to interpret what I have written. Most of them who read what I wrote have told me that they could relate to incidents that have happened in their lives. I look back at some of the posts and think how many people who read my posts know me well!!

Well, I must say, the people who know me very well are less than the fingers in one of my hands!! People who think they do know me or assume that they know about me hardly know anything as per my understanding. As my SIL said in one of her comments to my post ”The preciousness of things lost is but a perception of the mind”. This does not hold good only for the things that are lost, but it’s the perception of the mind that makes people think of us as whom they assume us to be. It is the perception of the mind that makes you or destroys you.

Everything starts and ends in your head and you know who you are and try to relate things. You find out who you are and everything stands still.

If you were to compare yourself with others, you would probably realize on a wider aspect that you are still a human like everyone else. If I were to put it in a more brutal way, I should quote Tyler here “You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”



2 Responses to a lil of everything…

  1. Priya says:

    I disagree with the last para… I don't have to compare myself with anyone to know I am human.I may made of the same decaying matter as everything else… but that matter alone does not make me… I am more than that, else I wouldn't be human. oh ! and despite what Tyler says… "I am Special, I am beautiful & unique" but not a snowflake 😀 can't be in Chennai heheheh

  2. ~ V ~ says:

    @priyayea i agree with what you said. even i don't like to be compared, but somewhere, someday, someone compares you with someone else. when you are talking about somebody, immediate reaction would to be relate it with some other person.. i have heard people say "why can't you just be like him/her" btw, you are special, beautiful unique and a snowflake coz you are in london now 🙂

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